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Welcome to the web site of Wethersfield, Connecticut, a residential and commercial center on the Connecticut River since 1634. For more than 375 years, Wethersfield has been a thriving community, a desirable place to live, work, run a business, go to school, and raise a family. We place high value on our community's aesthetics, historic heritage, educational excellence, and commitment to public safety, and greet change with a spirit of cooperation, innovation and good will.

The pages at are the official web pages for the Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Those pages in some cases may contain hyperlinks to external sites; whose content is neither under town control nor endorsed by the town, and cannot be presumed to have official and reliable information.

This site is furnished for informational purposes only and the Town of Wethersfield does not endorse or recommend any particular business or firm. Every effort is made to include accurate and up-to-date information in good faith; however, the Town of Wethersfield takes no legal responsibility for the information provided or found as a consequence of this service nor for any loss or damage resulting from this information.

The Town is committed to making information on its web site accessible to all people, regardless of abilities or disabilities. For more information, and to report any accessibility problems, please see the Web Site Accessibility Statement.