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Mikey’s Place

Garden Street
Wethersfield, CT

Mikey’s Place is a wheelchair accessible community playground located in Standish Park at the corner of Nott Street and Garden Street in Old Wethersfield. This playground allows children of all abilities to play together on specially designed equipment. It was built in 2000 by family and friends of Mikey. This special group raised all the funds to build the playground and continues to raise funds for the maintenance of the playground.

The playground was created in memory of Michael “Mikey” James Daversa who passed away on May 19, 1998. He was two years and nine months old. Mikey was a very loving, bright and happy little boy who was born with the neuromuscular disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This special little boy with the big blue eyes and award-winning smile taught many people about the true meaning of life – enjoy each and every day, never take anything for granted and surround yourself with goodness and love. Mikey’s family hopes that the joy that Mikey brought to them will be passed on to other children and that his spirit will be kept alive through the eyes of each and every child who benefits from this very special place.