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Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide the best service to our customers and we welcome comments from you that will help us achieve this goal and improve our services. Please assist us in evaluating and improving our program(s) and/or facilities by answering the questions below.

First, which facility(ies) and/or program(s) do you wish to comment upon? 
Facility(ies)   Program(s) 
1. Have you ever participated in any of our program(s) before?
Yes   No
2. Are you a Wethersfield resident? 
Yes   No      If not, what town? 
3. How did you find out about the program(s)? 
      If Other: 
4. Which categories most influenced your decision to participate in the program(s)? (May select more than one.) 
      If Other: 
5. How did we do? Please rate the following: 
A. Customer Service 
B. Facility 
C. Equipment 
D. Instruction 
E. Staff 
F. Overall experience 
G. Met expectations 
6. Would you re-register for the program(s) based on your experience? 
Yes   No
7. Would you recommend the program(s) based on your experience? 
Yes   No
8. What did you particularly like about the program(s). Please specify program(s). 
9. What other program(s) would you would like to see offered? 
10. What changes would you like to see made? Please specify program(s). 
11. Would you be willing to pay more for programs if price hikes were necessary due to increased service costs? 
Yes   No
12. If yes, how much of an increase would you be willing to pay? Please specify program. 
13. What additional information would you like to see presented on the town web site pertaining to government information or recreation programs/facilities? 
14. Age and gender of participant(s). Please specify age and gender of each participant. 
A.  Age: 
B.  Age: 
C.  Age: 
D.  Age: 
E.  Age: 
F.  Age: 
15. Would you like a member of the staff to contact you? 
Yes   No

Phone Number:   
Email Address: