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Community Connectivity Grant Program

The Town of Wethersfield was recently awarded a grant from the State of Connecticut's Community Connectivity Grant Program (CCGP). These funds are to be used for various street and sidewalk projects to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in Old Wethersfield.

The Town identified eleven (11) projects scattered throughout Old Wethersfield for this funding:

  1. Main Street Pavement Markings and Line Striping for Heritage Way Bike Path.
  2. Pavement Replacement and Pavement Markings at the Main Street, Church Street and Marsh Street Intersection.
  3. Improvements at Main Street and Hartford Avenue to Establish a 3-Way Stop Controlled Intersection.
  4. Improvements at the Main Street and State Street Intersection to reduce the island size, pedestrian crossing improvements including Howard Avenue.
  5. Improvements at the Marsh Street and Broad Street Intersection To Close the Sidewalk Gap and Improve Crosswalk.
  6. Improvements at the Heritage Way Bike Path connection at Hanmer Road to add sidewalk and a stone dust path to the Cove Warehouse.
  7. Pedestrian Crossing Improvements near 200-212 Main Street.
  8. Changes to the Intersection Geometry at the Nott Street and Garden Street Intersection and Relocate Sidewalks and Crosswalks.
  9. Improvements along Garden Street and Standish Park To Create On-Street Parking, Add Sidewalk and A Crosswalk at Hubbard Place.
  10. Pedestrian Crossing Improvements at the Main Street and Center Street Intersection.
  11. Bicycle Parking on Main Street.

Many of these improvements were recommended in the 2008 Old Wethersfield Master Plan report.

The conceptual plans and a brief description of these improvements are shown below.

If you have questions regarding this project you may contact Peter Gillespie at (860) 721-2838 or

Conceptual Plan Sheet 1
Conceptual Plan Sheet 1
Project 1—Main St. Line Striping
Project 2—Improvements at Main St., Church St. and Marsh St. Intersection
Project 3—Improvements at Main St. and Hartford Ave. Intersection
Project 4—Improvements at Main St. and State St. Intersection
Project 7—Pedestrian Crossing Improvements Near 200-212 Main St.
Project 11—Bicycle Parking
Conceptual Plan Sheet 2
Conceptual Plan Sheet 2
Project 5—Improvements at Marsh St. and Broad. St. Intersection
Conceptual Plan Sheet 3
Conceptual Plan Sheet 3
Project 6—Improvements at Hanmer Rd. and Heritage Way Bike Path Connections
Conceptual Plan Sheet 4
Conceptual Plan Sheet 4
Project 8—Improvements at Nott St. and Garden St. Intersection
Conceptual Plan Sheet 5
Conceptual Plan Sheet 5
Project 9—Improvements Along Garden St. Near Standish Park
Conceptual Plan Sheet 6
Conceptual Plan Sheet 6
Project 10—Improvements at Main St. and Center St. Intersection