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Snow Removal


It is the town's responsibility (or the state's if a state Highway e.g. Route 3 Maple Street) to clear snow from streets and make them passable for public use. First the town opens the road, making one swipe down the middle from each side of the road. Once they've done this throughout the whole town they then go back and widen the road. Residents shouldn't clear their driveway aprons until the roads have been widened or the aprons will fill in with heavy wet snow from the streets.


It is the owners responsibility to clear the snow from the sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow or ice storm ends.

Fire Hydrants

It is the owners responsibility to clear around the fire hydrant within 24 hours after the snow storm ends. The accumulation cannot be left more than four inches below the bottom of the lowest outlet on any fire hydrant. Snow must be cleared within a radius of three feet from the center of the hydrant, and a path three feet wide made to the street.


When you or your landscaper clears your driveway they cannot push the snow across the street and deposit it in front of your neighbors house. The town must push back snow as far as it can. This practice can occasionally deposit large quantities of snow on the driveway apron. This can't be avoided. One thing residents can do to minimize the snow on their driveway apron is to pile shoveled snow to the right as you face the street. That way the shoveled snow will be carried down the street and not pushed back into the driveway.


In order to provide a fair and uniform resolution to disputes involving mailboxes damaged by town snowplow and snowplows contracted by the town to plow town roads, the Wethersfield Town Council established the following policy concerning repair/replacement of mailboxes:

  1. All mailboxes should be securely fastened to a sturdy post which is sufficiently anchored in the ground to resist the impact of plowed snow.
  2. In accordance with current postal guidelines, the mailbox should be at least nine (9) inches from the curb or edge of pavement in order to prevent contact by the snowplow itself. The height of the bottom of the mailbox should be between 42" and 48" from the road surface.
  3. If it is determined a mailbox was struck by a town snowplow, the town will reimburse the owner $30 for the post and $25 for the box. The town will not repair or replace any mailbox.

No mailbox or post will be considered for the damage reimbursement if the post shows dry rot or is otherwise unstable.

The town will reimburse the owner for damage to the mailbox and/or post only when the town's snowplow is found to have made direct contact with the mailbox, not when the box is knocked over by snow or slush that is pushed by the plow.


Sand is available for residents to use on their sidewalks and driveways. You can pick it up at two locations, the Transfer Station at 100 Marsh Street and beyond the tennis courts at Mill Woods Park. Sand is available in the Transfer Station the beginning of November and in Mill Woods Park once crews finish picking up leaves from curbside (normally, the beginning of December).

Putting Snow on the Street

Per Town Ordinance

"No person shall lay, throw, blow, place or plow or cause to be laid, thrown, blown, placed or plowed on or into any public street or way any snow or ice from any private property, public or private sidewalk or public right-of-way. If, in the removal of snow or ice from any such property , sidewalk or way, it is necessary to temporarily place snow or ice on any public street or way, such snow or ice shall immediately be removed from the public street or way by and at the expense of the person causing such deposit. The penalty for each violation shall be $50 and each and every 24 hours period of failure or neglect to comply with the provisions of this section shall be deemed a separate offense or violation."