The Zoning Enforcement Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Wethersfield Zoning Regulations are adhered to throughout the Town by issuing zoning permits and by actively enforcing against violations. The Zoning Enforcement Officer is also the staff liaison to the Zoning Board of Appeals, which has the authority to grant variances to the Zoning Regulations.

Zoning Regulations

The Wethersfield Zoning Regulations can be found online here  or can be viewed in person at Wethersfield Town Hall.

Zoning Permits

Currently, zoning permits must be applied for in person at Town Hall in the Building Department. Zoning permits are required for any structure less than 200 square feet (anything larger requires a completed building permit). Zoning permits can also be issued for land uses that are specifically designated as approval by the Zoning Enforcement Officer in the Zoning Regulations. Zoning Permits cost $50 for residential uses, and $100 for commercial uses. If you are unsure of what permits a project or proposed land use will require, please contact the Zoning Officer.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews applications for variances, Special Exceptions designated by the Zoning Regulations, and appeals of orders issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer. The variance application can be found here. It is recommended that potential applicants speak to the Zoning Enforcement Officer prior to filing an application to discuss requirements of the application and hearing process.

Property Maintenance

The Zoning Enforcement Officer is also Property Maintenance Officer, and is responsible for ensuring that the Wethersfield Property Maintenance Code is followed by residents and businesses.