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Dog Licenses

Each owner or keeper of a dog of the age of six months or older must obtain a license in the Town Clerk's Office in the town where such dog is kept on or before June 30th, annually, or at such time as such dog becomes six months old. A rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian indicating the date of the vaccination and the duration of the immunity must be provided at the time of licensing as well as proof of alteration (neutering or spaying). The license is $8.00 for each neutered male or spayed female dog and $19.00 for each unneutered male dog and each unspayed female dog. If an owner fails to obtain a license prior to June 30th, Connecticut General Statutes mandate the Town Clerk to add $1 late fee for each month or fraction thereof for which the dog is not licensed. Should your dog lose it's tag, a replacement tag may be purchased for 50 cents. If you have moved to Wethersfield from a town within the state, please bring your current tag, rabies certificate and proof of altering if applicable. The fee for a transfer from another town is $1.00.

There are other State Statutes and Town Ordinances that you should be aware of as a dog owner. We have listed them here for your convenience, along with further information on licensing your dog.